Good Food & Drinks This Afternoon

It had been 2 weeks since I went out for drinks and food. Last weekend I had opted to have a very quite two days in, ordering in pizza on Sunday afternoon. Although that was pleasant enough, watching videos from my bed, today was a beautiful day and it’s always good to try to take advantage of some sunshine after the last few days of pouring rain. My cousin Sujith wanted to go out as well as he was bored sitting alone at home. So this morning when he asked if I wanted to go out for some grub I said that I would join him.

Morning coffee, shower & shampoo done I got ready to head out. I went to the ATM near my apartment and once stocked up with some cash, I took an auto to Convent Junction. Both Sujith & I really wanted to check out Fort Cafe and finally I got the directions to the mall that houses this cafe. I told Sujith that I would wait for him while he traveled all the way from Thriupunithura. While waiting on the dirty & broken road side, I snapped this photo. I think it looks cool like the surface of an alien road. Sadly it’s the state of the road leading from Convent Junction towards Fort Cafe.

I had to wait for about 25 minutes but was surprised to suddenly see my cousin Shalini come out of the same building. She was shopping there and was equally surprised to see me. I hadn’t seen her in a little over a year and a half. While we stood there chatting Sujith joined us and I introduced the two to each other. You see, Shalini is my first cousin, my mom’s brother’s daughter, and I’ve seen her for most of her life. My old house was two houses away from hers in Thrikkakara. Sujith is a second cousin who I got to know online from around 2007 and only met face to face January of this year. And he hadn’t met Shalini or most of my other 1st cousins yet. Anyways, she had to leave and so off she went and Sujith & I went into the building and found Fort Cafe.

Fort Cafe looks a lot bigger in the Cochin communities blog photos that I had first seen a couple of month’s back. It wasn’t that big and I’m sure that their customer’s will find it difficult to get a table there. The decor is great and the tables/chairs are fantastic and the counter/coffee bar area looks great. We were lucky to get a table that was just being cleared as the people sitting there just got up to leave. Lots of chicks sitting around post shopping ad yakking their heads off. We both ordered beef cheese burgers and butterscotch flavoured cold coffees. After a reasonable amount of time, the waiter brought out our tall glasses of the frothy coffee and a couple of minutes later the burgers arrived, beautifully decorated with fried potato chip wedges and some coleslaw and tomato slices.

The burgers looked awesome, although a bit small to be big enough for a full meal. But they tasted fantastic; you could get the real taste of meat (unlike the generic minced stuff that the other places serve I could actually get a beef taste & texture) and it was great. So full marks for the decors, furniture, food & coffee Fort Cafe. We will come in often. We sat back and chatted as we sipped the coffee and the burgers went in quite quickly. Oh I do have one complaint about the place, albeit a minor one. A bunch of people came in and ordered sizzler steaks – the smoke that came out while they were being server made the rest of us cough and the staff had to open the doors to let the smoke out. Also as soon as the doors open we would get a blast of hot air from outside – made it difficult to sit neat the entrance.

Well that done, we paid our bills and went to check out a small shop that sold dvds & music cds. Nothing special but I did buy a copy of the Sci-fi movie Splice. After that we moved on to Velocity for some beer. We had a Foster’s beer each and then since those were the last ones they had of that brand, we moved on to Kingfisher Gold Premiums. We had some fish & squid over there and enjoyed the late afternoon in the bar. It was after 5pm when we left the bar and headed back to our respective home.

For me it was a snooze and then watching Arsenal host Birmingham City at the Emirates.

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