Good Morning To You

This morning is a little better than the heat of last night. So what do I have store for me on this lazy Sunday? Well, the folks are going out – it’s my mom’s youngest sister’s housewarming. Actually, it’s an apartment, a flat. Do you still call it a housewarming or a flatwarming/apartmentwarming? Anyway, my mom is actually there right now and my dad will be leaving in an hour.

rising damp online download legionnaire online download timecop movie I’ve still got to get some breakfast. After that it’s a cup of coffee and movie watching. I’ve been downloading Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home on torrentz and it’s almost done. I’ve also got some dvds – Paschendale once upon a time in china ii download download living dying movie , Yes Man, etc. No idea which one to start on first. Anyways, I’m hungry so gotta go to the kitchen and get something to eat.

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