Goodbye Little Black Kitten

On the way to work, my heart broke to see the body of a little black kitten lying dead on the road. Kitten was probably killed by a speeding vehicle. The kitten was no bigger than my palm.

Although I only saw the body for a minute as I was passing by the image is still stuck in my mind. The shape of the kitten’s head and ears and the tail, curled behind it’s body. I’m more of a dog person but I love cats too and kittens can steal your heart just as easily.

As a guy who’s raised 7 kittens at different times, I’m saddened by the state of the little mite who lost his life all too soon. I hope that he/she didn’t have to suffer much pain before the end came all too soon. Goodbye little kitten.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Little Black Kitten

  1. I get really upset by things like that too. It is so upsetting – often leaves me crying for hours. Poor little thing.

    On a happier note – your blog is looking FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  2. Selma dear – I can understand as I still feel very bad about it. Imagine that little kitty hadn’t been with us but she has affected atleast 3 of us deeply and both you and Jessica haven’t even seen the body.

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