Goodbye Tata Indicom; Hello Reliance

I finally did it. After months of threatening to do it I finally have taken up a new broadband connection with Reliance and have sent a cancellation request of my 5 year+ Tata Indicom connection. I have just had enough of their really bad services and frequent disconnections and delay in getting problems fixed, their pathetic technical staff’s incompetent resolutions, bad customer care services and pathetic response via emails. I have had so much trouble with those half-wits that I have had enough.

Two cable disconnections ago I told the tech guys who called me up that “you know that there is a problem with frequent cable being ripped from the post because the trucks carrying goods are rather careless and they don’t bother to check and see what damage they are causing. If that is the case you need to change the post or make it higher or do something. I can’t have frequent disconnections and then wait for 3 to 4 days while you get a new cable and fix the problem.” The next time it happened, late last month it took 4 days for them to show up and fix the issue. I kept calling the helpline and hassling supervisors and only then did it get fixed. I made them waive of some of the monthly rent as well as I had a total of 7 days downtime. But I had decided that enough was enough, customer loyalty my ass!! I wanted to check out various other providers.

I chose Reliance because 1) people nearby who have their connection have no issues and 2) they have a better plan with faster speed and at lower rates than what I am currently using with Tata! It’s a no-brainer. I applied for one and they fixed it up today. Hallelujah! I can’t wait for tonight to check the faster speeds I get past 10pm! So good bye Tata! Hello Reliance!

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Tata Indicom; Hello Reliance

  1. I hope the new provider is more reliable. There is no excuse for constant disconnection issues these days. Enjoy the faster speeds!

  2. Thank you ladies. It seems to be going good so far. But I’ll reserve my final comments for after a couple of months.

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