Google & CO2

In an article I read in today’s newspaper, it seems that doing two Google searches from a desktop can generate about the same amount of carbon monoxide as boiling a cup of tea, which adversely affects the environment. According to the study, a typical search in Google’s search engine generates 7G of CO2, which boiling a kettle generates 15G.

Google’s huge data centers around the world consume a great deal of power. Google’s system may be faster but it raises energy consumption. And I had to do a search to get this cool Google “Star Wars” logo, so that’s 7G of CO2 right there! 2 Bad; instead of CO2, Google searches can’t generate C3PO or R2D2s!

4 thoughts on “Google & CO2

  1. I hope I’m not double commenting, but the first one didn’t show up… I’m a dork..

    I was saying I must be burning up the envirnoment… I GOOGLE everything.

  2. Catscratch : Its ok, I had to approve your comment since this is the first time that u’re doing so after I re-installed the spam blocker. I google everything too.

    LB : On the radio? Too bad; they r going to find something else to change the situation. I guess I could google less.

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