Got Lost Today

I got lost today on my way home this evening. See I left the office at 5:30 pm and got down at Menaka and Marine Drive by around 6:30 pm for some coffee and a snack. I was there at the food court at the Bay Pride Mall for about 30 minutes after which I left. There was a huge crowd at the area for shopping during this holiday season and searching for discounts. I waited outside for an autorikshaw and finally hailed one after about 10 minutes. I asked him to take me to my apartment but as there was heavy traffic, I told him to take a shortcut.

But what happened is that, in the late evening darkness, I missed the turn towards the right and we went on to another route. I was looking for a familiar sign or a shop or store and couldn’t find one. I told the auto guy to keep going even though I couldn’t figure out where we were. After a while it looked a bit more remote and I got worried. Finally we reached a junction that was a bit busy and well light and I told him to stop there. The charge was twice what it would have been if I had gone home. I paid the guy and looked around. I saw a Best Bakers outlet and decided to get a cake for the family and having bought that I hailed another auto and asked him to take me home.

When we reached the main road I told him how to get to my place and we reached in about 10 minutes or so. I was glad to be home. I wasn’t very familiar with the area that I was in earlier and although it isn’t far away I never go to that area. But I can’t believe that I got lost that way. Crazy!

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