Green With Envy

Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.

You – yes you – I hate you but I am also jealous of you. You are an asshole but man are you lucky and do you get all the things you want and have all the luck in the world. What did you do to deserve all this fortune? Nothing but being able to get almost everything you want and then some. Why you and not someone like me? Someone who is not cruel and manipulative and is an all round nice guy and who tries to help whenever he can.

You got the well paying jobs starting in your 20s and you keep getting the money. You got the perks and the cars and the nice apartment and the nice house. You get the latest toys and you get the nicest stuff. You got the gorgeous woman to fall in love with you, though what she sees in a fucking asshole like you, I will never know. And she is loyal and she is with you. And she bore you a kid or two and you seem to be one happy family, living in that nice home of yours.

You have the nice cars and the fancy gadgets and the latest technology and luxury. Why you? A scum bucket like you should not get all the luck in the world. Do nice guys always finish last? It isn’t fair.

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