Guest Blog Post : What Bollywood Needs To Do

What Does Bollywood Need To Learn From Hollywood?

There are lots of comparisons doing the rounds between Bollywood and Hollywood. While some claim that Bollywood is better than Hollywood, some stand by Hollywood. If you happen to be a Bollywood fan, you might not like to accept the fact that Hollywood is definitely better than Bollywood. It is true that Bollywood movies are now watched around the world and the audience for Bollywood movies is growing by the day. It is equally true that both have their own images. However, Bollywood needs to break from its image if it wants to improve its standards and the movie watching experience of the viewer. There are many areas where Bollywood is way behind Hollywood and where Bollywood needs to make improvisation.

Bollywood Story – Old Vine In New Bottle

Bollywood supporters claim that the story of Bollywood is one of its strongest attractions. The family drama is what interests them the most. Much against their preferences, it needs to be said that this family story has been told a number of times and in number of ways that these stories are now just becoming tiresome to watch. How long would one like to watch a love story however interesting and engaging love stories might be? The stories lack creativity most of the times, as it is the same story present in a different form. Hence, old vine in new bottle.

If Bollywood directors were to say that they give what audience prefers, it is nothing but passing the bucket. Audience are prepared to enjoy better stories, different screen play and no body demands that the hero and heroine dance around the trees singing songs, which practically none does in reality. It is true that even aliens do not attack us in reality as shown by Hollywood movies, at least they show something unique and their presentation of the story keeps you engaged. Their usage of technology in such movies elevates the experience level of the audience and challenges technical brains into surpassing the technological brilliance presented by Hollywood professionals.

Visual Effects And Sound Effects

It is transparent that the quality of visual effects and sound effects produced by Hollywood is beyond the reach of the Bollywood, at least at present. You take one look at the films produced in Hollywood in the 1970s and you will see that Bollywood movies are still to reach the stage. It is not to be understood that Bollywood visual effects are underrated; it is only to state that Hollywood standards are far higher. Bollywood is behind the curve when compared to the visual and sound effects of Hollywood.

Needs To Be More Organized

Except for the films produced by noted Bollywood directors, most of the films are made without sufficient planning. There needs to be a lot of paper work before one packs for a shooting. Hollywood directors are more disciplined and they do not spare any effort to ensure quality of the movie and perfection, be it a period film or a science fiction. When Hollywood takes time to produce a movie it is because it aims at perfection and bringing in the effect that the film needs in visual and sound effects not to forget the setting. Whereas some Bollywood movies take time to get completed owing to lack of preparedness. This is unfortunate but it is the truth.

Bollywood has its plus points and great in numbers too. Apart from the best numbers produced by music directors and great performance by some actors, Bollywood has other good features too. There is potential but untapped. There are great stories but untold. There are efficient workers but unused and there are great brains that are not stressed enough to produce. Some Bollywood films definitely stand apart from the regular in terms of story, presentation and setting. You will find that some of the best hits in Bollywood in recent times were not just love stories. Hence, Bollywood needs to come out of the family drama image and concentrate to improve its technical strength. Being in the film industry for a century, it is not asking for too much, right?

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Ravi is a movie freak. He likes to watch movies whenever he gets free time. He is currently working at Coupon lava; which offers coupons of online Indian stores such as Pepperfry coupons, Koovs coupon codes etc. He believes that Bollywood should try to be more original and create stories; not copy them.

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