Guitarist From Russia

This is my new friend Tatyana Kalinicheva, a 25 year old Russian guitarist. She has a couple of videos up in Youtube, including this one. The other one is a finger tapping extravaganza. Both videos seem to be for showcasing the amp from Engl but she can really wail on the guitar, which is a PRS custom 24. She responded to my comments and befriended me and sent me a couple of messages today. So I thought I’d feature her in my blog. She says she wants to put an album out in a year or so. I hope she does.

2 thoughts on “Guitarist From Russia

  1. She is a rock goddess. I love it when women play electric guitar well – it’s usually such a male domain. I also like the hair blowing with the light around it. Very cool. I’ll be interested to see if she puts out an album!

  2. I hope she does. I find it crazy that there aren’t many women rock guitarists and I usually become fans of any that exist.

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