Hair, Heat & No Rain

It’s late November and it’s hot! It’s hot & sticky and cloudy but there’s no rain. Not even one fucking drop of sweet rain. The nights are hot & muggy and my sheets stick to my thighs while I try to sleep. I can’t leave the windows open at night as the mosquitoes will start attacking. That’s what happened two nights ago and left me wide awake and unable to get back to sleep at 3:20 am!

I feel so thirsty for a drink of water all the time. Sweaty and hot and then the mosquitoes! What the fuck! And that is not all! As Russell Peters says it, Indians got the worst deal ever. Not only do we live in the hottest place (although the Africans will disagree, I think the second part makes it worse for us) and to make matters worse, we are covered with hair! All over the body. Why the fuck is it so?  Now I am not a very hairy dude, lighter than most people but not light enough for my taste.

I feel like having my entire body waxed, especially my legs. I want all the hair on my body from the neck down to fall off me right now. I hate body hair.

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