Hair Mess

I really need a haircut. I – as I have mentioned here many times before – am balding. Forehead has receded to dangerous levels. You could create a football pitch on my forehead – that’s how much it has receded! And I had a big ole bald spot on the back of my head. It’s a landing pad for a flying saucer. I call it the no front office and no godown hairstyle.

I have chosen to grown up hair a bunch between haircuts. But now it is too long and worse too thick in the back and curling at times, into my ears. I need to get this mess of a map chopped up and back in control. It is a terrible situation at the moment. But atleast there is lots of hair on my head that way.

Yet, it is a mess and cut I must. It’s been a few months now without me getting a haircut. I have to go get it done soon.

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