Hair Too Long At The Back

I am long, long overdue a haircut. I think I last had a haircut in May of last year. We then had that second lockdown for about 4 weeks or so and then it took a little while for the saloons to open. I kept thinking that I will go and get it done but after that last lockdown it kinda felt more and more easier to just stay at home and not go out. I realized by September that I hadn’t gone out at all in a while and the visit to get vaccinated was only trip outside the home. It had just become really lazy for me to stay in and order groceries and meals to my apartment and do nothing on the weekends.

Then in October I got hospitalized and came back home for a recovery period. And I have been scared to go out since then, thinking that I would eventually get better and then go out a bit more. However it’s January 20th and I have only been outside a handful of times to go and see the doctor. Only exceptions was last Saturday when I took my dad to get a tooth of his removed and then yesterday when I walked to the local post office to collect a parcel and then to buy a loaf of bread (missed it from my weekly online grocery haul) at a store on the way back. Sweaty walk by the way as it was very hot at 12:45 pm.

So anyway I haven’t had my hair cut in a long while and my hair is a mess and almost reaching my shoulders. I am balding at the top but I have long hair. And it takes a while to dry my hair after a shower. And in the wind it blows all over my face, especially my eyes. I badly need to go and get it cut. Maybe soon.

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