Hairy Scary

The last couple of days have shown me some weird hairstyles that are truly hair raising. First I saw this guy in the bus who wore a comb-over that was truly disgusting to look at. I turned away in laughter at this audacious style. It has been called the male’s denial of his lost glory. This guy really was ridiculous to look at.

Then there was this guy who had an Afro that looked liked it came from the lost and found department of the 70’s decade. And it smelt like it hadn’t been washed since the 70’s as well. I got a full wiff of it, no choice since he was sitting in the seat right in front of me. I could almost see him heading to a disco singing some old ditty.

Today I saw a guy who must be having Osama Bin Laden as his inspiration. He had a humongous unkempt beard that looked like it had never been shaved at all. He sat in the back and stroked his…..beard all the time he was there. I looked to see if a sparrow had built it’s nest in his beard and if there were some little eggs just waiting to be hatched.

One thought on “Hairy Scary

  1. Some hairstyles ARE scary. I saw a guy with enormous dreadlocks the other day who had all these ribbons and bits of fabric intertwined with the hair. That thing must have been so heavy on his head. Scary, indeed!

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