Halloween (2007)

I must say that I like Rob Zombie as a director. This is only the second movie of his that I have seen but his brand of horror/slasher/gore is a class above the usual fare that we get. I had never seen the original Halloween movies to date but I was definitely interested in seeing this one yet I dunno why it took me so long. Halloween came out in 2007 as a re-imagining of the beloved horror/slasher franchise. Directed & co-produced by Zombie the movie stars Tyler Mane as the adult Michael Myers, Malcolm McDowell, Scout Taylor-Compton, Brad Dourif, Danielle Harris & Daeg Faerch as the child Michael. You have small roles by William Forsythe, Sherri Moon Zombie & Danny Trejo.

We get a detailed backstory on Michael Meyers. As a child he grew up in Haddonfield, Illinois with his stripper mom, his older sister, baby sister and his mom’s abusive biker boyfriend Ronnie. Michael prefers to wear plastic masks and kills small animals in secret. On Halloween pushed to the brink by a school bully, he hides in the woods and brutally murders the bully by beating him up with a baseball bat. As he goes home, he tied up Ronnie and kills him with a knife, then kills his sister’s boyfriend and his sister. When his mother comes home Michael is sitting on the front porch holding his baby sister on his lap. The cops come and take him away and after a long trial Michael is s found guilty of first degree murder and sent to Smith’s Grove – Warren County Sanitarium under the care of child psychologist Dr. Samuel Loomis. Dr. Loomis tries hard to get through to the child but the child retreats deeper into himself, claiming no recollection of the killings. When mocked by a nurse, Michael kills her with a fork, an event which leads his mother to kill herself at home, unable to bear what her son has become.

Despite many years of trying Dr. Loomis gives up as Michael sits for hours making  papier-mâché masks, closing himself off from everyone else, barely speaking. Dr. Loomis retires and writes a book on Michael. At the sanitarium two orderlies rape a newly institutionalized patient in front of Michael, provoking him. He snaps and kills all 3 of them and then even the kind janitor the next morning and escapes the sanitarium. At a truck stop he kills a trucker and takes his overalls and finds his way to Haddonfield. He reaches his old house and recovers a large knife and a Halloween mask (the iconic one) that he had taken from his older sister’s boyfriend. He then stalks his baby sister Laurie, now a teenager and unaware of her biological history. Laurie was adopted as a baby once her mother killed herself and had been raised by the Strodes family living in Haddonfield. Throughout the day, Laurie witnesses Michael watching her & her friends from a distance.

That night being Halloween most people are out at parties and Laurie is babysitting her neighbour Tommy. Her friend Lynda meets up with her boyfriend in Michael’s old home (whatever the fuck for) and have sex. Michael appears, murders them, and then heads to the Strode home, where he murders Laurie’s parents. Laurie is now also looking after Lindsey, a small girl, as Annie has gone to have sex with her boyfriend. Michael kills her boyfriend but leaves a bloodied Annie alive. Laurie finds her friends near death and calls 911. Meanwhile Dr. Loomis comes to Haddonfield, having been alerted to Michael’s escape. He meets up with Annie’s father, Sherriff Brackett and they head towards the 911 call. Michael kidnapps Laurie and takes her to their old home.  Michael approaches Laurie and tries to show her that she is his younger sister. not understanding him, Laurie takes his knife and stabs him and as she escapes, Loomis arrives and shoots Michael a couple of times. However, as Loomis is about to take Laurie away in his car, believing Michael to be dead, Michael catches up with them and smashes the car window. Laurie runs into the house, as Loomis is killed by Michael. Inside the house Michael hunts his baby sister until cornering her on a balcony & charges at her head-on and knocks both of them over the railing. A bloodied Laurie finds Loomis gun and shoots Michael while on top of him, presumably killing him as the movie ends to Laurie’s screams.

Bloody & gory but very well shot I must say. The kid who plays a young Michael is awesome, sinister and scary in depicting a derange & psychopathic mind. Tyler Man does a fine job as the killer without speaking a word. I quite liked this movie and will get the sequel soon. 7 out of 10!

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