Halloween Dress Up?

Will You Be Wearing a Halloween Costume This Year?

I have never had the chance to dress up for Halloween and well that’s because we do not celebrate Halloween in India. Well, there are a few MNC’s across the country that do and they do it as best as they can but it is usually confined to the office or maybe an international school/college campus. But there are no parties for Halloween and definitely no kids going out for Trick or Treat.

We just don’t do that kind of stuff over here. But I wish we did because it’s a fun holiday, certainly the best kind of thing to celebrate. Forget those silly god and goddess worshipping holidays, this is a day of pure fun and enjoyment and playing out a little fantasy. I would want to dress up as Count Dracula or a similar kind of debonair & suave vampire with a cape, suit and top hat, fangs and all. Or like a any character from fiction or film. A favourite Scifi character or superhero.

So, no I won’t be dressing up as a vampire, ghost or werewolf or zombie unfortunately. But I do like seeing people in other places doing so and even love episode or movies around this subject.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times

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