Halloween – India Is Missing Out

It’s a fun holiday and an excuse to party and dress up more than anything else, even if it did have a different agenda when it was first celebrated. However, giving away free candy, dressing up and going to parties, meeting lots of people – great holiday festival! No wonder it is not celebrated in India!

Yes, Halloween and Thanksgiving are the two holidays that is celebrated in countries like the US & Canada and so fascinates me. I would really enjoy myself on Halloween as all things ghosts, goblins and scary stuff interests me and I would have a ball. This holiday is so good that there is a movie franchise named after it.

I can’t remember how many sitcoms, drama shows and stuff all have a Halloween theme atleast once during their run and connect the holiday into the storyline of that episode. It’s so much fun, these guys really know how to enjoy themselves. I am jealous. Anyways, the reason I don’t celebrate it is because I live in India and this festival/holiday is not recognized with the exception of some international companies based in India. But I would love it if it could be part of our culture as well.

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