Hanging Out @ #Cochin #Tweetup

Well I finally did it. I attended a community thing after all. Me, who has avoided or tried to avoid functions, get-togethers, reunions and any such public gatherings where there are more than 2-3 people other than myself.

Even though I wanted to be there on time, work intervened and I was able to reach there around only around 7pm. There was a traffic block from Edapally till Kaloor that didn’t help either. Anyway, I reached Bay Pride Mall and went to the back area and stepped into Barista Cafe. I didn’t see them at first but as I looked to my left, huddled around 2 laptops, were the rest of the Cochin Tweeters.

I didn’t know many people by face – just @kenneyjacob, @roshinroy & @binnyva since I had seen their pics in either their profile pics or their blogs. And it was Binny who came up to me and confirmed that yes it was indeed me – countroshculla. I met & got introduced to all the guys and it was fun to chat around. Binny and I exchange dvds – I gave him a copy of Star Trek Voyager Season 1 and he gave me a copy of Season 4.

download minus 8 minuit

All the dudes were nice, lounging about and having a variety of cold coffees. I ordered a Raspberry Ice Tea and shivered near the ac duct. Man it was quite cold in that corner. I think I froze my sperm!

We sat there till about 8:45 pm, took a few pictures and shook hands. I hope to join up every Tweetup in Cochin city, responsibilities at work permiting ofcourse. I didn’t know that it would be this fun. Thanks guys for all the tips on how to select a laptop!

Here’s a pic that was taken on Roshin Roy’s camera. That’s us!

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  1. Thank you guys! Binny – I am downloading Season 2, got 2 episodes in already :)

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