Happy 39th Birthday To Me

Today I started the final year of my 30s. How did this happen? The pact I have with the Devil and the numerous virgins I sacrificed in his name has not worked I see! Nothing I can do will stop the march into the dreaded….sigh…….40s!

Battling a cold, and it also changing for hot & humid to rainy & cold, I did not feel like going out today. Instead I stayed at home alone till 4pm. I woke up, made coffee, went to the store for a few things, made a large duck’s egg omelette with onions and green peppers and toasted bread for my breakfast. More coffee, some music and Youtube filled up my morning. Evening will be more coffee then dinner, that I am ordering in, with my parents, sister and her kids and I will wash them down with some Bacardi white rum and coke. A quiet day in.

I look at the years gone by, wondering where they went. I think of all the regrets and mistakes that I have made (quite a few actually) and think of all the “if onlys” and the “perhaps” and a few “why didn’t Is”. All the quiet thoughts of a lonely guy who had good intentions but was never quite up to the challenge. Damage is done, I’ve made my bed and I’ll in it.

Happy birthday to me. Whoever you are, wherever you are reading this post from, raise a glass to me please!

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