Happy instant laons Birthday Scotty

It’s James Doohan’s birthday today. If he was alive he would be 92 years old. Doohan was ofcourse an actor who was the original Commander Montgomery Scott aka Scotty in Star Trek The Original Series. For those of you who don’t know Scotty was the USS Enterprise’s chief engineer and a “miracle worker” known for his superior technical and engineering skill, experience and ingenuity. Doohan was also a pilot for the Canadian army and served in World War 2. Doohan often went to great lengths to buoy the large number of fans who have been inspired to make their own accomplishments in engineering and other fields, as a result of Doohan’s work and his encouragement. He died in 2005 due to pneumonia and Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 85.

Scotty, Scotty – you are the one we would all choose to beam us out of trouble, just in the nick of time. Thanks for the memories, esp talking to a computer mouse in Star Trek V . I’ll be drinking a Scotch in your honour tonight and I’ll leave a glass for you.

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