Happy Birthday To Me

So that’s another year of my life gone. Today is my birthday and I turn 35 years old today. Oh man, 35 is getting on in the years. In another 5 years I will turn the big 4-0! Holiest of all holy crap!! I am not supposed to grow that old! We had a deal Satan – I sold you my soul in exchange for eternal youth! In my mind I am always 18 but I would prefer to be 29 as I think most of that year was very good with just a couple of exceptions.

Anyways, no biggie! I am alone and I don’t have a wife, girlfriend or mistress to share this day with. I will be working tonight 10pm to 6am, so I’m here at a cafe having a little brunch – just a frappe and bite to eat. A little later I will head off to lunch and maybe a friend will join me. A beer or maybe 2 drinks is all I will have since I have to go to work later in the evening. Some good food and some quite time enjoying the moment. Then it will back home for a good nap and then get ready for work.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me

    You are one of the nicest, kindest guys I know and you deserve no credit check military loans every happiness in yoir life. 35 is still very young these days. I believe it’s the new 29. Haha.
    Hope you have a wonderful week. Sending you lots of hugs and smooches. XXXX

  2. ~~~Blush, Blush~~~~
    Selma – you made a grown man cry just now as I read this comment. I love you. Hugs and smooches back to you XXXX

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