Harold Is Going To Be Hikaru!

I can’t believe I missed this completely despite reading a lot about the actors who are replacing the old cast of the Star Trek : The Original Series era. I mean I knew who was playing Captain Kirk, Bones & Spock and that Eric Bana is playing the villanous Romulan but I can’t believe that I missed out this!

John Cho is playing the role made famous by George Takei; that of Hikaru Sulu! The 36 year old comedic Korean-American actor, famous for his role as ‘Harold’ in the Harold & Kumar movies & American Pie series will be at the helm of the USS Enterprise. Finally, someone who I know and approve for a role in the movie.

3 thoughts on “Harold Is Going To Be Hikaru!”

  1. This cast is so far removed from the original, with exception to the new Spock. I am really hoping it does well. I like the actors, and my mom is a huge Trekkie, so we will definitely be catching this opening weekend!

    ~ Kristi

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