Has A Book Ever Brought You To Tears?

Yeah I tried to read a book on christianity many years ago and I was so bored that I yawned a lot and tears came running down my eyes. I also remember two other books that would put me to sleep as soon as I tried reading a few pages – Zorba The Greek & The Last Temptation Of Christ. Both by Nikos Kazantakis, a Greek writer. Hmmm a trend is noticed over here. Maybe something lost in the translation from Greek to English. Although, many years later I came to like Zorba a whole lot more.

I also you know have had some tears while going through a few magazine spreads of Playboy & other such nudie mags. Those woman are enough to make a grown man cry. So sad; all that money and yet unable to fully cloth themselves! Makes me wanna go over and hug them to me and tell them everything is gonna be alright.

For the more serious answer, no I don’t think a book has ever brought me to tears. Emotionally Stephen King’s IT is the one closest to me; I feel that this novel has everything you could ever ask for from one novel and it has always resonated close to my heart. It has been my favourite novel of all time.

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One thought on “Has A Book Ever Brought You To Tears?

  1. I’ve cried over a lot of books – too many to list, really. Sometimes I just cry if a book is beautifully written. I like IT too. I read it many years ago and the memory of it has always stayed with me. One of my favourites!

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