Haunted By A Dream

I had this dream last night that left me with a longing & a yearning.

I was to travel to another town in the state for some work related requirements. I was planning on finding a suitable hotel and looking up inquiries online for one that fitted my budget and wasn’t too far from the venue where I had to go to. Not finding one I started asking my folks and relatives if they knew of any place there. Two days later, I was given a call by an aunt. She asked me to stay at the house of a distant (and by distant, I mean really distant relative only connected by marriage) relative. I was hesitant as I had only met this relative a couple of times, although she was very nice and pleasant and we had hit it off. So I declined but later that evening, this relative called my mom (they are about the same age) and said that she insisted that I stay at her house while I was in that town on work.

I finally relented and said ok and thanked her for her hospitality. The day came when I had to leave for work and I took a train to my destination. The original plan was that I would be there for 3 days and 2 nights, leaving on the evening of the 3rd day. So I had to stay in their house for 2 days and part of the 3rd day. I wasn’t really looking forward to it but it didn’t seem too bad. So I reached there early morning and what do you know – the meeting for work is called off for a day due to a political strike called on for a day. So I reach the relative’s house and meet up with her. She tells me that I should stay there for a couple of extra days due to the strikes & protests happening due to the murder of a popular political leader. I’m not liking this but I’m resigned to this fact and brace myself for staying there for 5 days.

I meet her two daughters; the eldest one who is married and had a lovely little girl is someone I had met earlier but I wasn’t quite prepared to meet the younger daughter. At 35 she is a year older than me and….she is beautiful, intelligent and warmly welcomes me to their home. She is single and I’m dazzled by her charms. 5 days staying here! Glad to! Over the next 5 days I get to know her better and I didn’t really believe in love at first sight (lust yes but love? not so sure). When the strike is over and I can get on with my work, I make sure that she and I get to spend some alone time in a coffeeshop and slowly I know that she too is interested in me. I can’t believe how close I’ve become to her in just a few days and how much open we’ve both been with our lives. As the last evening of my stay ends (I have to catch the train early next morning), I thank her for the time she has spent with me and say that  I’m sorry that it has to end soon. Her look tells me all I need to know. Away from the rest of her family, we embrace and kiss and make plans for her to meet me back in Cochin.

The train ride is long and my heart breaks as I sit and think about her. The rest is a blur but I remember us meeting up during her visits to Cochin and spending a lot of alone time. We discuss breaking the news to our families. That is when I woke up.

Unfortunately alone in my bed! Sigh, I hate these dreams. And I don’t even remember what her name was supposed to be in the dream. But I will remember that smile and that face.

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