Have you ever written a fan letter/e-mail to an actor/actress or author/musician? Who wrote back, if anyone?

I haven’t written many but two stand out as I got responses from both and both were awesome.

  1. Jayne Heitmeyer – she is an actress from Montreal, Canada who at the time I had watched on two shows on tv – NightMan, Sirens & 3 seasons of Earth: Final Conflict in the 1990s and early 2000s.She has since been on one of my fav tv shows of all times 19–2, in a small recurring role. I had a huge crush on her and wrote to the address of her fan club. I got a nice reply back and as part of a New Year offer, she included me in the autographed profile photo giveaway and she didn’t know she had any fans in India. I still have the photograph/profile shot tucked away in my belongings.
  2. Bassist extra-ordinarrie Billy Sheehan – many years ago I sent out an email to one of the best bass players the world has ever known. He was kind enough to reply and we had a back and forth a few times. That was so awesome of him. I am a big fan and follow him on Facebook where he has fun posts and pics from his daily life along with watching him perform live on stage with his various bands.

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