Have You Ever Written Music Or Song Lyrics?

I don’t know how to read or write music. I went for almost half a year of guitar lessons when I was 12, 3 days a week, but because I had such a bad teacher who shouted at all the boys in the class (but was oh so gentle with the ladies) I lost interest and begged my folks not to send me back. They agreed and I stopped going and I can’t play a chord to save my own life. I regret not going to another class as I would love to serenade the sexy women by playing some sensual rumba flamenco or rock the arena with some searing electric guitar soloing!

But alas the idiotic choices of the young pre-teen (asshole). Anyway, I never went to take lessons again. When I was 14 I took a turn at trying to write lyrics set to music of already released popular rock songs. So it was easier for me to make up the song as I went along. And then just words for verses and chorus without a music or prior song’s tune in mind. My earlier concern was just getting the last words of the 2nd & 4th lines of the verses to rhyme – no matter what. The first full song I wrote was called ‘Kaleidoscope’ and the second was called ‘The Broken Chair’ – both were songs about a soul in turmoil. I started writing love songs when I was 15 and wrote a few till I was 21. I lost the diary that I wrote the lyrics in and lost interest in writing more.

When I was 22 I met up with the guitarist & drummer of a local band who have since then done quite well for themselves and are now in the industry. We met at a function and I remember that I mentioned that I used to write lyrics as a teenager and they both asked me to keep at it and possible meet up to collaborate. I never pursued it further but I wish I did. I’d prefer being able to actually sit down and write a whole novel and see if I could get it published. That would be a dream of mine.

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