Have You Never Been Mellow?

After a long day at work or school, what are your favorite ways to wind down and decompress?

Sure everyone has their own ways of winding down. Take a cup of coffee / tea and sit in the balcony. Drink some beer or vodka or rum or brandy. Watch some silly stuff on tv. Put some music on (some people like it slow and smooth, some people like it heavy and fast) and relax. Some people drink some wine and sink into a bubble bath.

I do none of that stuff. Usually I just come back home and change (I can’t relax with underwear on) and sit in front of the laptop. After a while of listening to music and checking out videos on Youtube I usually watch some tv show or a movie while lying in bed and hopefully will finish it and not fall asleep with all the lights on like last night (and several other nights in the past couple of months).

If I could get a more regular shift (meaning ending at a decent hour like 7pm or 8pm) then I might get a coke and some Bacardi rum or a Sprite and vodka (my fav drink) and relax with it for a while. Eat my dinner at leisure while watching tv before going to bed.

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