Healthy In Paranoid Times – Our Lady Peace

Released in 2005, Healthy In Paranoid Times is the 6th studio album put out by post-rock Canadian band Our Lady Peace. As A huge fan (since 2001) of the Toronto based quartet, I was eager to get a copy of this but was unsuccessful until I was able to download it.

Let’s start, shall we? Angels/Losing/Sleep is the first track, second single and the song that has had most success in the US for the band. Lyrically, the song is about watching someone close to you having to go through the process of losing their faith. In this case, it could be religion (looks like the holy ghost is gone). Will The Future Blame Us, a loud and proud arena rocker that is tinged with enough social awareness as to not to make the song not seem cliché. Picture seems to be about documenting & capturing the things across the world on the protagonist’s travels. The ballady track uses photos as fractured bits of memory of personal & worldly strife. Catchy lead off single Where Are You is next, with its wonderfully ambigious lyrics, like Is it different now? Or did Jesus get it right? Or is the devil behind the light?

Wipe That Smile Of Your Face, which creates a wonderfully intense vibe with Maida’s political rant refreshingly to the point. The song is about, as Maida says in the live dvd, “being proud to be Canadian and hating the things that George W Bush has brought to the world”. Love And Trust and Boy are stark expressions of the hopelessness OLP feels as they seek a solution to the problems of the world. The former is driven by a pounding rhythm section and takes the form of a son speaking to his parents. The latter is about the inner voice telling us what to do and guiding us. Our conscience so to speak.
Apology, with it’s atmospheric instrumentals, is a gentle midnight breeze. I even think that the song should have been just an instrumental. World On A String is so-not like OLP musically. It seems to be influenced by Brit-pop of the 90s.  Don’t Stop is a desperate love song, in which the singer says that he is willing to show his devotion by giving up his life for his love. Circles should have been a single (if it was, I don’t think it was promoted much), it’s probably one of their best tracks ever. Mid-tempo song about changes & strife in personal lives. The album ends with the slow & haunting Al Genina (Leave A Light On) – a fitting way to finish the album. The anger and frustration, the desperation which pervades throughout the album resolves itself, at least to an extent.

It’s probably the most personal (lyrically at least) album of the band. I can’t wait for the new one, out in June. Till then enjoy the video for Will The Future Blame Us.

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