Heart Versus Head

I think it’s obvious to most people who know me that I usually follow my heart rather than my head. I’m an emotional person and as an emotional person I usually wear my heart on my sleeve. This has and disadvantages but I don’t think that I can change who I am at this point of my life, although I do wish that at times I could let logic & careful though process rule the day.

I know that some people and especially cold-hearted people in upper management look down upon me for the fact that I am quite emotional. I do this as a deterrent for me to progress faster up the corporate ladder and especially in the company that I am employed in. Most of the people who live in the upper echelon of the corporate are unfeeling monsters who will do everything to get that extra thousand or ten, that promotion and that cushy office. Do I want to be like that? A million times no!

So I get by, pushing through each day with a genuine smile at the beginning of the day & a genuine sigh at the end of a hard day cause I know that if I am loved, liked, appreciated and adored it’s because of the person that I am and not the grade or position that I hold and certainly not because I am intimidating.

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3 thoughts on “Heart Versus Head

  1. In the long run that will pay off for you. We need more people like you in this world, Roshan. The world is too full of cold-hearted corporate types. Don’t ever change!

  2. @Selma Thank you honey. I’m reminded every day at work that I need to be more aggressive and more like a ‘corporate’ styled person. Cold-hearted I can never be.

    @Meleah I’ve always known that you & Selma are so much like me but my love, your heart is never wrong. It’s just the way that it feels. Take care of it.

    I love both you ladies so much.

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