Here’s A Bud For You

Had my first taste of an American brand of beer today. Budweiser has been available in India for a while but I only know of one bar (that I go to) that serves it. However each time I had asked them if they had it, although it’s right there on the menu, they never seem to have it. Today was the day that it changed.

Since I do night shifts now, I wanted to  go out this Sunday evening or Monday afternoon for some beer but was too tired to do anything other than crash at home. Last night I though that I should try and get a beer before coming back home in the morning. So post my work, I left the office at 9:10 am and reached the city area at 10. I went for breakfast at a coffee shop and also got a novel for me to read and relaxed till about 12 pm. Then I headed over to Couchyn for a beer and found that they did indeed have a Bud. I ordered one 650ml bottle and a plate of barbecued sausages.

The beer was ‘meh’! Just plain old bland stuff. I prefer Tuborg & Carlsberg to it, heck I’d even prefer to get Kingfisher over this. Did not live up to the hype of what some people were saying about it.

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