Hey Stinky!

Close Encounters of the Smelly Kind

How do you deal with smelly people? Arm yourself with bars of soap, shampoo and other cleaning liquids. When there are people who come near me and stink very badly of say….something like cigarette smoke stink here’s what I do. I can’t stand the smell, you know the kind that stinks up the whole room as soon as the person walks in and so suggest people I know to either keep toothpaste or mouth wash handy. On several occasions I have threatened to physically drag the person to the bathroom and use a combination of Dettol, soap, toothpaste, mouthwash and toilet cleaning liquid and a plunger and wash their mouth with it! And I’m only half joking! I have been tempted to dump all the cleaning liquid in a toilet bowl and push their heads in it and press “FLUSH”!

If you actually like the person who has that smell breath or stink about them, suggest it in a kind way or leave hints around them. Buy them deodorants all the time and keep sending them links on cleanliness and on purchasing products. Armpit odour – send them links to buy deodorants online. Stink breath – send them links on mouth wash. Overall body odour – then send them body wash and shampoo links. Pretty soon, unless they are really thick headed, they will get the point and take care of things themselves. Problem solved and no need for possibly relationship scarring dialogues!

Or….and this works if you already have a breathing issue like asthma…feign an asthma attack when they are within your vicinity! That could be hilarious as well :D

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