High School House Leader

What was a good high school memory?

Well I shall name one of my favourites. Back then in Kerala (and I think most of India), almost all schools that were following the state syllabus were only up to the 10th grade (age 15). After that you could could either join a central school (CBSE) for your 11th & 12th or join a college for a 2 year pre-degree course, which was the norm. So high school for us back then was 6-10 until the late 90s when the system changed. In grade 10 I was a quieter & more subdued version of myself, especially when compared tot he 8th grade when I was a rebel and seemingly getting into trouble a lot.

But my 9th grade & the beginning of my 10th grade I was back to being the popular, friendly kid and teacher’s pet. I had a bad experience with my school principal on the very last day of my 9th grade but the bitch even knowing that she was wrong and had accused an innocent kid for a wrong he didn’t do, never admitted her mistake. But a couple of months into the new school year I became one of the house leaders. Now I dunno how common this is elsewhere but in India (atleast during my school years) we had 4 houses or groups that the students would be divided into and you had a house/group leader that would be from the final grade. So the principal comes into the 10th grade one fine morning and asks for volunteers, even though she says she has 4-5 people in mind. I dunno what made me do it but I raised my hand, then my best friend did too and 2 other guys joined in. Only 4 of us volunteered and the principal said “Yes, the 4 guys I had in mind!”

Stunned as I was, I officially assigned as one of the 4 house leaders and we picked names for each group (I think mine was eagles or hawks or something bird related) and we went to each grade (we only had one class per grade as our school was still new at the time) 6th to 9th and picked our house members. Basically the four of us stand at the teacher’s desks with pens and books in our hands and select the boys and girls one by one. I remember having a little fun at my cousin Sandhya’s expense as I didn’t pick her until the very end when she was the last student in 9th grade remaining to be picked – I had planned it with the other 3 guys and everyone was laughing at that, including the teacher. Yet when I went to grade 6, I picked my cousin Navin (Sandhya’s younger brother) as my first pick! That was a great memory. The houses would go on to have several arts and sports competitions with a winner picked at the end. I think we won one of the events.

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