High School Reunion? Yeah, Why Not!!

I haven’t been to a reunion ever. The closest that I got to attending one was 3 years after high school (for us at that time it was at the age of 15 and grade 10, after which we go to college for a 2 year pre-degree course rather than attend 11th & 12th grade in a school), when I invited 7 of my former classmates to my house for evening tea and snacks. It was a nice afternoon, from around 3pm till about 6pm.

After that evening I haven’t seen more than 2 of my old school friends together at the same time. Since I had such wonderful times at school (well for the most part) I would love to meet up with those friends once again and spend a day getting to know as to what them folks have been upto during the past many years.

So yes I would go to a reunion if there ever is one. I was last in school at the age of 15 and if the reunion is later in the year, it will be exactly 20 years since then and me & my friends would be 35! That is something that would be awesome to behold and I would love to catch up with a lot of them. Having chatted with a handful of my old friends on Facebook recently, I know that I do miss them and that I has been missing those good people being a part of my life. So yeah, let’s have one soon.

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