Hobbling On One Foot

I sprained my ankle and it’s uncomfortable as hell. But not too painful.

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I slipped on some rain water as I went to the balcony of my apartment this morning and sprained it but thought nothing much off it at the time. I went to work and it started hurting a bit. Walking around and climbing two sets of stairs and by 4 pm my left foot was hurting and I thought I could feel some swelling on the ankle.

the fast and the furious tokyo drift download bridge to terabithia online I asked for a cab to drive me home at 7 pm and once I reached back I applied an Ayurvedic oil called “Murruvenna” on my swollen foot & ankle. It’s quite effective but in the meantime, my ankle still hurts and I’m limping. I gotta get some rest now, so I’ll rest my foot and lie back on the bed.

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