Holiday Gift Shopping During December

Do you love holiday shopping or dread it? Share some shopping survival tips.

One of the best things about living in a non-gift giving for Christmas culture like India, if that you do not have to worry about is giving out gifts for Christmas or birthdays (unless you are a kid who is having the birthday). So there might be a few Christian families that do exchange gifts for Christmas and/or New Year but it is kinda rare. The most you have to worry about is the office or college Christmas Santa thing and that usually has a very reasonable budget and buying 1 or 2 of those gifts is very easy to do.

  So yeah, as a kid I got gifts for my birthday but that was such a long time ago. It’s been ages. I have bought a few gifts for my niece & nephews but that too is rare. If I lived in a Western country, I guess I would easily be able to adjust and buy some gifts for close family & really close friends and also receive some from them. That is fun in itself and I guess exciting to see people’s eye light up when they get something nice from you and your own excitement on getting that thing you like from a close friend or family member. It really is a warm feeling.

So here is my shopping tip – stay in a country like India if you want to save money. At the most I buy is a nice dinner for the 25th & New Year’s Eve and maybe a cake or two, which we also give to our neighbours. And maybe some alcohol to go along with those dinners.


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