Holy Messed Up Weather

For such a beautiful, somewhat cold & lazy morning yesterday, things did get a lot hotter in the afternoon. That peaceful easy feeling turned into “man is it hot & sunny” by later afternoon. I didn’t leave the apartment but the hot sun’s rays came bearing down on me through the open windows as I lay on my bed after lunch trying to read a book. I had to get up and draw the curtains so that my face & arm wouldn’t burn.

download the burbs By late evening it was so hot & humid, mosquitoes hovering around & biting and no breeze. It was getting so hot that I was sweating doing nothing. But then it rained! However not the good rain. Not the kind of rain that I like. Since there was no wind, as I stood near the window it actually felt like it was even warmer as the rain fell. Shit! I hate this kind of weather. Can’t it make up it’s fucking mind?

It only rained for about 35-40 minutes or so and then I decided to get some sleep. It was hot & sticky for most of the night and I think it must have rained a bit more but I can’t be sure. This morning was warm until about 15 minutes back – there’s a light, cool breeze and it’s cloudy & dark. I think it’s going to rain within the hour. Hope the day turns out to be better.

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