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Well, I’m back home with the folks for the weekend. And since I will be in Kakkanad InfoPark on Monday, I’ll only be going back to Chalakudy on Tuesday evening. The moment I stepped into the apartment it was as if a great burden was lifted off my shoulders. And that worries me! It confirms the fact that I made a big blunder in selecting the place that I have rented.

Anyways, to more pleasant things, I took a bus from the office to Angamaly and waited for a bus to Ernakulam. After a while I took the low floor Volvo that goes from Angamaly to Aroor and thought that I’ll get down at HMT Junction and see if I could meet up with some of my former team members in FirstSource, my previous company. I sent them an SMS and soon enough 3 of them would be there at the time that I would also be at HMT and we met for coffee. As I got down I saw Roopa & Rekha crossing the street and in 2 minutes Wasim also joined us and we went into a small juice & coffee joint for some coffee and snacks. We spent about 45 minutes talking about stuff that has been happening at FirstSource and then said good bye.

I went to Cafe Coffee Day on Shenoys Junction as I needed more coffee and I also was supposed to meet up a friend there. He however called me just as I was stepping into the cafe calling the meeting off as he was stuck in Fort Kochi on business. Well, I put my bags next to a table and had a cold Mochachillo while browsing on my laptop. I was there for a good 40 minutes and then left to go home. Then it’s catching up with mom & dad and chicken tikka with cuboos for dinner. It feels so good to be back home. Sigh!

2 thoughts on “Home For The Weekend

  1. Maybe you’re just not used to the new place yet. It can take a while. And you’ve gone from living with other people to living on your own and that is a big change. Give it a little more time and see how you go.

    Chicken tikka. Mhmmmmmmm……

  2. I don’t think it’s that. I’ve always wanted to live alone, unless ofcourse I find a woman for me. It’s the place.

    I’ll keep looking for another house/apartment to live in.

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