Home Is…

Home means comfort and safety. It’s a feeling of belonging and of being secure in the fact that nothing can drive you out of there. It’s a place we run to when the big bad world gets us down. When things get too tiring and too much for us to handle. When it seems like the whole world is against you and nothing can go right. Or when you just need a break?

If you have a place to go to that feels like the answer to that, then it’s home. You can be with family small or huge or you can be living all alone. Home can be a modest house or a huge mansion. It can be a small one bedroom apartment or a huge loft with plenty of space to play football in. It can be a hole in the wall or a cardboard box. It can be a trailer or a house in a boat/yatch. It can be designed with the simplest of furniture, practical & cozy or it can be decked with the most expensive stuff you can find. Or it can a minimalistic and bare. As long as you find it to be yours, then it’s home.

It’s where you load up on goodies and relax. It’s where you put your feet up and the end of the day. It’s where you watch your movies, listen to your songs and where you build your dreams and your goals and create your fantasies. It’s a huge part of you. It defines you. Mine is a small apartment with 3 small rooms. I hate the colour of the walls, I hate the building and they could have done a much better job. But it’s home and it’s my retreat. It’s my rock and it’s my 4 walls & ceiling. It’s HOME!

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