Home Office – What It Should Look Like

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Home Office, originally uploaded by garrettmurray.

I’ve always been on the lookout for computer & home office setups. My current setup is not too good. But when I bought my computer, it wasn’t meant for doing any work….it was for play!

However, I have ended up doing a bunch of work related stuff on it, including creating presentation slides, documents, excel worksheets and mails. It has been on the upswing since last May and even more from July since I got promoted.

I will soon be on the lookout for upgrading my system & the desk where I have placed it. Looking for ideas and this one just grabs my attention as it is simple and yet elegant & efficient (well it looks like it is efficient anyway)! Thanks for sharing the pic Garrett.

2 thoughts on “Home Office – What It Should Look Like

  1. haha!! my home office … is my laptop … while i sit on my bed!! seriously!! i have a desk, just don’t use it often … and i don’t have a chair i have a pilates ball … it’s comfy

  2. I think it’s imperative to have a comfortable setup that still feels a bit official if you are planning to work from home. I mean creating ppts on the last quarter’s performance is easier when I don’t have Bart Simpson mooning me as my screen saver!

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