Home on a Sunday

Woke up this Sunday feeling like I am not sure what is going to happen and not at all up to doing anything at all other than probably listen to music and sleep the day away. The events of yesterday all seem like it happened a thousand years ago and at the same time it seems like it happened a minute back, know what I mean? Anyways I am not gonna let it affect me any more.

So what is happening today? I missed the televised belated showing of the WWE pay-per-view event ECW One Night Stand, which actually took place on June 3rd, because my stupid cable operators are having some payment issues with TEN Sports and can’t broadcast the channel. I’m listening to some acoustic based music as I am in that mood. I feel like getting drunk but cannot be bothered to get up, take a shower and head out to a bar. I feel like watching tv but there is nothing good on. I feel like going to sleep but I am not sleepy.

Song for the day – “Silver Road” – SARAH HARMER

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