Hope You Never Have To Go Through It

Tell us about something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do.

I’ve done it and although I have enjoyed some aspects of it I have mostly regrets about it. My advice to most of you living here is to never join start-ups companies. Unless you yourself are at the beginning of your career and are looking for the experience. If you have commitments and need a steady job and a steady income, be careful as to where you join.

There are advantages ofcourse; like a smaller group of people to contend with, less stress (it depends) and no corporate B’S to contend with. Reviews are mostly easier to deal with as the people you report to know exactly what you have to deal with and will be more understanding. Reports will be less and you don’t have to cater to a 100 egos and various formats. The timings are flexible and things tend to be more friendly.

But the bad things outweigh the good. Good talent might be hard to come by, salaries might be lower, perks are less and facilities could be poorer. I’ve had to deal with deferred salaries and little to no benefits and little choices for everything to admin, facilities, material and even water and food. We had situations like no water on certain night shifts, no coffee or tea and getting food was tough. You also have restrictions and limitations and even have problems with getting loans or credit card applications rejected. Can’t blame the banks when even your salaries and benefits are limited or delayed.

Hence it might be better to join established companies. When a startup does work out it can have many rewards and satisfaction. But it is riskier.

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