Hoping For A Few Drinks & Food With Friends

I’m excited about the chance of getting together with my buddies Anil & Madhu this Saturday. I haven’t seen them in a long while, 6 months or so, and I miss them both. Since Anil moved to Delhi, things have been quite on the friends front and Madhu and I have been promising to meet up once in a while but it just hasn’t taken place.

Mostly it is my fault. Things have been hectic at work but I should have made the time. It just didn’t pan out the way I wanted to. And I have been very lazy & tired on Sundays, preferring to stay in rather than go out and have some fun. It’s probably a mix of age and getting too stressed. And I have to admit that it’s been more hectic at the office lately.

So I look forward to this Saturday with some anticipation and hope that I can have 3-4 hours of drinking, eating & joking with my two best buds in the world. We have a great time together and it’s always the best when it’s us 3. I hope it goes according to plan.

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