Hoping & Waiting For An Upgrade

I’ve been meaning to upgrade my phone for a very long time. I currently have my now old Blackberry Curve 8320, which is not only obsolete but after a couple of really bad falls on hard solid tiles, it’s also a little wonky.

The Curve will still accept & make calls, send & receive sms and and the normal stuff. The track ball is wonky and doesn’t work properly. I had long back cancel my Blackberry internet services, save BBM & chat services until a couple of months ago. Another issue is that phone will occasionally not read the SIM card, although the same SIM will work find without any issue but on the Curve it has an issue once or twice a week. The only thing I can do at that time is to remove then battery back, remove the battery and reinsert the SIM after removing it.

This is both annoying and can let you miss out on calls that could be important & vital for you. At the moment I can’t afford any of the Blackberry phones and I don’t want to settle for anything else. Hopefully soon I can upgrade and get a nice BB from the Bold series – 9700, 9780, 9900 or 9930 or even a Torch. Ideally I would get a load of cash and be able to get upgrade to a Bold and also get a tablet, the Blackberry Playbook. I want the 7inch version of the tablet. It would be easier to use on the go. I know some of you scoff at RIM, especially iPhone lovers, because of the recent problems that the company has suffered, but they will bounce back to being even better.  But first my situation should improve.

4 thoughts on “Hoping & Waiting For An Upgrade

  1. Yep, you know me, an out and out iPhone fan!

    If I wasn’t able to have an iPhone I’d have an Android, I just don’t see that BB are any “fun” and I always need some of that in my life!

  2. I think the BB’s r a lot of fun. Granted the iphone has a lot of cool apps but its’ a shit phone. I enjoy using my BB.

  3. HUHHHHhhhhh Roshan, you starting a war here! How can you say iPhone is a shit phone??? What evidence to you have to support such a statement?

    It’s a wonderful amazing phone!

  4. When I say shit phone, the usage of an actual phone – making calls, sms – is not as great. I’ve used two different model of the iphone for work (they were left in my care for 2 months) and I didn’t find it great at all. Infact most of us at the office didn’t like it. I get that it’s a lot of fun with their apps. Not impressed.

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