Hot & Humid On The Rooftop Bar

After 3 days of heavy rain (but hardly any wind or breeze) there was a lull yesterday. I didn’t know that it would be so hot & humid until I had left my home to head to work. The day did not look like it would be pleasant.

Anyways, I was thinking of getting a quick bite to eat and maybe a cold shake before I headed off home but my buddied Anil & Madhu had other things planned. Madhu wanted to treat us to drinks & dinner @ Malabar House roof top garden. The occasion was that he had snagged a much better paying job with a higher profile. Good for him!

So I left the office a little after 6 pm and headed straight to Menaka. I got down there and had a quick soft drink, since I was parched. Then I got into an auto and headed to the bar. They had already started on a beer each and were having fried prawns. I ordered some Romanov vodka and we had some fish masala, more prawns and then moved on to french fries. The cooks over there really know how to make french fries; long, crisp, thin and plentyful on a plate. Madhu moved on to whiskey and Anil opted for brandy.

However, pretty soon I was getting really sleepy. I hadn’t been sleeping well the past 4 days and I was almost dozing off. We left the bar a little after 10pm and squeezed our asses into an auto and I reached home in a few minutes. I ended up spilling almost a quarter of a jug of water on my sheets and had to dry it off before I slept.

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