Hot & Sunny But Busy Sunday

It’s been a busy Sunday today and I usually do not go out on a Sunday (I prefer going out on a Saturday and sleeping in and watch movies on Sunday) but since I have Monday off as well, I went out today. In the morning I went to this store called Heels Footware and bought a new pair of black shoes and a belt and then went to McDonald’s which was nearby.


Hungry I ordered a big spicy paneer wrap with a medium Coke Zero and fries. It was delicious. Their tortilla wraps are amazing, so much better than the chicken, veg or paneer burgers.


I shot a review video in McDonald’s and then chilled there for a while as it was a really hot day and I was not looking forward to venturing out again. But I had to leave and went to get my hair cut.


While I was waiting for the barber to be free I took some grain from a store next door and fed some pigeons. I like pigeons.


By then I was hungry again and it was time for a late lunch with beer. I had two beers at Couchyn, both Budweiser Magnums and I had their style of fish n chips. Basically bread crumb fried fish with French Fries and some tartar sauce. It was good though nothing like what is actually fish n chips.


After that a brief stop at a place to buy snacks for tomorrow and then it was on to home.

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