Hotel Transylvania

The debut feature film of  Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator of Cartoon Network series Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory and Star Wars : Clones Wars, is 2012’s Hotel Transylvania. The movie features the voices of Adam Sandler, Adam Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, David Spade and Cee Lo Green. Released on September 28, 2012, the film was met with mixed critical reception, while the general population received it very favorably. Despite mixed reviews, Hotel Transylvania set a new record for the highest-grossing September opening weekend ever, earning a total of $346 million on a budget of $85 million. The film was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film. A sequel, titled Hotel Transylvania 2, is scheduled to be released in theaters on September 25, 2015.

The story is that of family & friends, albeit with the monsters. Count Dracula has created a huge castle which also doubles as a massive 5 star hotel in Transylvania and protected it with a spooky forest & cemeteries hence hiding it from the human world. He does this to raise his daughter Mavis in relative safety and wants her to have nothing to do with the human population after the death of his wife Martha, who was killed when humans set their former house on fire. Since then Drac has played daddy with his baby watching as she grows. Every year on her birthday he invites all the monsters for a long weekend of relaxation & partying away from mankind and the monsters come to stay at the hotel which is completely human free and safe for monsters. This year it is special as Mavis turns 118 (equivalent to turning 18 for us humans I guess). So the guests arrive including Dracula’s closest friends Frankenstein & his wife Eunice, werewolf Wayne, his wife Wanda and their large litter of pups, Murray the Mummy & Griffin The Invincible Man. Drac’s best friends are ofcourse uncles & aunts to Mavis and they dote on her. Dracula let’s Mavis go out to a human village for 30 minutes as it is her big wish.

At the village she is “attacked” with fire by zombies dressed as humans and Mavis goes back home. Dracula has stages this to protect his daughter from staying away from humans as he fears that they will kill her just as they did his wife. He is happy that she isn’t interested anymore. As the evening progresses, a human backpacker Johnny comes to the castle thinking it is a hotel with a fancy dress theme going on. Dracula frantically disguises him as a and passes him off as Johnnystein, a distant cousin of Frank’s right arm. However Mavis & Johnny meet and they feel an attraction to each other. Dracula pretends that Johnny is here to help him plan the party and Johnny gets on well with the monsters once his initial fear of them dissipates. Dracula wants to get rid of Johnny but they bond in a friendly chase on flying tables and Dracula begins to respect him. He tells him the reason he hates humans is because the death of his wife at the hands of an angry mob shortly after Mavis was born, and is surprised at Johnny’s understanding and knowledge of the lore. Johnny tries to leave but Mavis finds him and they grow closer after he shows her her first sunrise, under the protection of a shade ofcourse. Johnny has to evade Quasimodo the cook who finds out that he is a human and Drac rescues him from being cooked but at the party when Mavis & Johnny kiss, Drac gets angry. Quasimodo drags himself to the party and reveals that Johnny is human.

Mavis is undeterred by her attraction and wants to be with Johnny, even though he is human. But Johnny rejects her out of respect for her father and leaves the hotel. Mavis tragically resolves to remain at Hotel Transylvania for the remainder of her life. Seeing his daughter losing her zest for life and after finding a gift that Marth left for her (a book about true love) Dracula enlists the help of Frank, Wayne, Griffin, and Murray to go get Johnny back. hey head to the airport and encounter a Monster Festival along the way, instead of being frightened by the real monsters appearing, they instead help Dracula by providing him shelter from the sunlight so he can get to the airport quickly only to see Johnny’s plane taking off. Dracula turns into a bat and chases the plan and let’s Johnny know about Mavis and asks him to come back. Dracula returns Johnny to Mavis, who confesses that their Zing was mutual and the two kiss, making Dracula realize his little girl is all grown up and can make her own decisions. The movie ends with a big party and the monsters rapping on stage.

Bit of silly fun and crazy stuff. The kind of animated film I like . I liked it a lot of 8 outta 10!

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