How Are You With Directions?

I’m very bad at directions. Even if it’s a place I am very familiar with I always get confused with North, South, East & West. I always point to the wrong way. My internal compass must not be working.

I used to work at an office for four years near HMT Junction, which is north of an area called South Kalamassery. A bit further away the area is called North Kalamassery and I still had problems thinking which direction was north and which was south. This has plagued me for long. When I sat in the office, I would point to the wrong direction when telling someone where to go. Ah what the hell are compasses for anyway? Or use Google maps!

I’m also usually bad at remembering the way to places. Like a house or shop or anything. Unless I really pay attention when I go there. I’ve been to a person’s house atleast 12 times but I can’t for the life of me show you the way. I just wasn’t paying attention. Also I’m even worse if it’s dark. Don’t even think about it. There are four different routes to get to my current apartment, which is inevitable as this building is right after a junction. I’m perfectly comfortable with 3 of the routes but the fourth one baffles me. When I come by this route in an auto I keep thinking “This is some other place” right up to my building. I dunno why that is so.

3 thoughts on “How Are You With Directions?

  1. Once I’ve been somewhere once I’m OK getting there again. But anywhere new? Forget about it. I could be driving in the wrong direction for hours and not even know it. D’Oh!

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