How Closely Do You Listen to Lyrics?

I think for me the lyrics are usually as important as the music. Although great music can save a song and having cheesey, corny, simple or unimpressive lyrics that wouldn’t tax the brain of a 5 year old might be forgiven as long as the guitars rock, the bass rumble and the drums boom along with the twinkle of the keys. However the songs that I seem to love a lot, play over and over again and that still have that great feeling when it plays 5, 10, 15 or 20 years later, it’s usually a combination of the lyrics as well as the music.

If someone were to ask me to list my top 5, top 10 or top 20 songs of all time atleast 95% of them will have lyrics that mean a lot, atleast to me personally. Belting out those lyric at the top of my lungs or whispering it along with the music (if it is a gentler song) gives me hope and renews my vigour and enthusiasm for life. And when I am down and feeling dejected and defeated, the great music and lyrics can lift up my spirits and make me hold on for one more day and try again.

Usually in those situations it’s the lyrics that do the deed for me.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times

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