How Do You Enjoy Your “Me Time”?

I am a person who really enjoys some alone time. I have spent a lot of such hours & days just me on my own. I think I have mentioned this before but I love weekend mornings, especially if I can manage to wake up by 8am or even 9 am. The time that I have post my wash, my morning coffee and breakfast and then relaxing till lunch till which will be usually around 1:30 pm.

I watch Youtube videos, play some music, check out the latest football news, leaving the windows open and enjoying some cool breeze if it comes in. Unless it is a day like today and the idiots next door are burning their stuff as they tend to do on a nice day like this. But that feeling of having nothing to do in the morning and having that 4 hours or so to yourself is a good feeling.

I enjoy this morning so much that I am usually disappointed when it is time for lunch. Once lunch is done, I will relax with a movie and some fruits on the side to munch on. Evening coffee and some snack and more relaxation until dinner and the maybe a movie before I retire for the night.

Prompt from 31 Best August Journal Prompts for 2022 at Lifegram

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