How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Scrambled is cool, although I rarely used to be able to make them right. So much so that as a teenager I stopped eating scrambled. I used to make scrambled eggs for my cats and later for my do and mix it with rice. They seemed to like it. At some hotels when you stay in the rooms, for breakfast it seems that they give you eggs scrambled as default. You have to specify if you do not like it that way.

Soft boiled eggs was a common breakfast for me & my sister when we were very young. However someone informed my mother that it wasn’t really the best way to serve them and she stopped giving it to us that way. Soft-boiled eggs are not recommended for people who may be susceptible to salmonella, such as very young children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems. I remember liking them though, with some toast or porottas.

Hard boiled eggs are very common here. People eat them for breakfast and/or for evening tea at teas shops. Egg curries or roast in Kerala are curries with hard boiled eggs.  A hard boiled egg is usually added to mutton, chicken or beef biriyanis and is a local favourite. I would say that this is my least favourite style of eggs. It has the least taste & flavour of any type of egg serving. Worse is when you pickle them – yuck!

Egg bhurji – is a dish quite popular in the Indian sub-continent and is a staple in most restaurants here. It’s scrambles eggs with onions, tomatoes, salt, crushed red chilli, green pepper & coriander. In some cases chopped up veggies are also added. These are quite popular in bars – they go well with beer or vodka or brandy.

Bulls-eye aka sunny side up aka fried eggs are quite popular here and is another favourite of mine. I usually add only pepper and salt. Why just a couple of days ago I made one for my nephew at breakfast. Bulls-eyes are favourites of hungry localites who favour the street side “thattukads” in Kerala. I do agree that the street side vendors seem to make fried eggs with a certain flourish all their own. I really like bread and fried eggs or when they serve in an American chopsuey. I have my own recipe for a home-made chopsuey and it’s delicious, if I do say so myself.

My favourite style is however the omelette. I usually cook it with just some chopped onions but the best way is to do it in with chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, green peppers, a little green chilli, mushrooms & cheese if you can get it (I don’t usually buy them). I like them between slices of bread and add some ketchup for relish. Hmmm hmmm. But there is another way too! As the egg mix is added to the heated pan, add some milk to it. I’m telling you the smell that comes out makes you feel even more hungrier than before. Just a little milk mind you. It’s awesome.

And I prefer duck’s eggs to hen. I’m also a fan of quail eggs.

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