How Full Is Your Glass?

How Full Is Your Glass?

I guess for the most part, I’m a the glass is half empty kinda guy! I think a lot of us really do not feel that we have most of what we want or need. And for many, many reasons (far too many to get through in just one blog post) I am far away fro what I want & need. I will always bee a my glass is half empty kinda guy.

Taking into account what I have, what I need and what I feel I should have and where I should be by now, I am off the point. I can use more water in that glass. Pour it, please. Universe, Roshan needs that glass to be more filled, atleast towards the three quarter point. Maybe a little bit more. C’mon, there are less deserving people and downright assholes who get so much more. I am thirsty.

And yet sometimes I feel I had a lot more than many others. Their glass is only a quarter filled. Or maybe just a few drops. Not enough to quench their thirst at all. My glass suddenly seems a lot more full. Sometimes!

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times

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